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10000 Zagreb
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Optimum d.o.o.(Ltd) Real estate agency, is registered in 1995. at the Zagreb Trade Court.
From the first days of activity when the name of the company could have been noticed only in the field of property renting we were applicating the business philosophy which goes beyond its time. It's basic postulations are:

1. Relation towards each client like towards "my neighbour"
2. Treating a property like it is my own
3. Always have competitive advantage, that is for the same price offer and give much more with better efficiency

"TO REACH FOR THE STARS YOU NEED A VERY GOOD TEAM ON THE GROUND" - our team includes economist, lawyer, marketing and informatics expert, court expert and valuer for architecture and our partners experts in other fields. We are ready to take business opportunities by mediation and consulting in the proces of property transaction regardless is it a case of renting, selling or exchanging of apartment, house, business space or land - plot or you are just in a phase of thinking to make the "safest investment".

Contact us:

1. If you are in need of proffesional treatment towards your demand or offer.
2. If you have a vision that photo presentations through internet, lap-top, CD-rom, catalogues, flyers, outside panels and newspapers bring optimal results.

Our service includes presentation of your property, search for the best customer, negotiating, consulting, providing a contract and all needed documentation for land books and other needs.

As a signer of Ethical Codex of real estate agents at the Croatian Chamber of Commerce we guarantee honest and discreet service.

Best regards,

Miroslav Brzoviĉ


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