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At the age of 900 years, with 900.000 citizens, throught history situated near crossing of western and eastern culture, from feudalism to "modern" capitalism, between Mediterranean and continental clima. Today the city of Zagreb represents far known and acknowledged cultural, university, business and political center in this part of Europe.

Arhitecturely Zagreb offers millenium old upper town(Gornji grad) as political and the church center and lower town(Donji grad) mostly built by skills of domestic and Wienna architects and builders of 19th and 20th century. Today center is a home for thousands of business activities and eternal residential challege conditioned by expression "everything is so close, under my nose".

New Zagreb built in socialism era from 1960.-1980. bridges over the river Sava by vision of mayor Većeslav Holjevac towards the southern bank and today is a home for 115.000 citizens.

Northern and green part of the city(north from streets of Ilica, Vlaška and Maksimirska) exclusively residential, built on hills of Medvednica mountain mostly by family houses and lately by luxurious villas, always is the main target of domestic and foreign clients for renting or buying as a very good investment.

Newer neighbourhoods like Buzin on south, Poljanice on east and Malešnica on west side show that Zagreb is becoming a capital which just recently dislocated areas trafficaly and infrastructurely asimilates in city areas.
Because of great demand for business spaces, today in the wider center of Zagreb you can see the growth of construction enterpreneurship throught modern business and residential complexes.

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